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மாற்றுத் திறனாளிகளுக்கான மகிழுந்து சேவை

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மேரு எனேபில் – மும்பை


கிக் ஸ்டார்ட் – பெங்களூரு

காணொளிகள் – கிக் ஸ்டார்ட், மேரு எனேபில் 

Exclusive polling booths allocated for voters with mobility disabilities

For the first time, the Tamil Nadu elections will have exclusive polling booths allocated for voters with mobility disabilities, including people with vision disabilities.

The new initiative from the Election Commission of India (ECI) came against the backdrop of several representations from various associations of people with disabilities living in the state, who gave their innovative suggestions.

Several volunteers will also be deployed in those booths to help voters with disabilities by accompanying them to polling booth.

In addition, the ECI has planned to take measures of transporting differently-abled persons to polling stations in hilly areas, allow their vehicles near to the gate of the polling stations.

SOURCE: Deccan Herald

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