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மாற்றுத் திறனாளிகளுக்கான மகிழுந்து சேவை

தற்போது மாற்றுத் திறனாளிகளுக்கான மகிழுந்து சேவை பெங்களூரு – கிக் ஸ்டார்ட் [91-8105600445 / 080-3232 7777, info@kickstartcabs.com]  நிறுவனம் மூலமும், மும்பை – மேரு எனேபில் [022 44 22 44 22, feedback.enable@merucabs.com] நிறுவனம் மூலமும்  செயல்பட்டு வருகிறது. அடுத்து கோவாவிற்கு இச்சேவையை  யூமொஜோ [+91 022-29400494, info@umoja.in] நிறுவனம் வழங்க விருக்கிறது.



மேரு எனேபில் – மும்பை


கிக் ஸ்டார்ட் – பெங்களூரு

காணொளிகள் – கிக் ஸ்டார்ட், மேரு எனேபில் 

UMOJA – new website for differently-abled travel

Millions of persons with disabilities across the globe have great difficulty finding accommodation that is truly accessible for them. At UMOJA, we gather detailed and dependable access related information so that you can quickly and easily find hotels that meet your access needs or preferences. Ultimately, our goal at UMOJA is to enable great accessible travel. To learn more about our story or to reach out to us, check out our Facebook page www.facebook.com/umojatravels

The website has created two itineraries for the Golden Triangle (Delhi-Agra-Jaipur) in North India and Golden Beaches (Bombay-Goa-Kerala) in West India which can be booked through their website. They have partnered with Mercury Travels for on-ground support with vehicles and attendants. This includes professional caregivers, attendants, accessible transport, airline services (with Indigo), sign language interpreters, trained greeting service at the airport and lots more.

Truly a blessing in disguise for making someone’s travel dreams come true!

www.umoja.in Packages starting from $600 (approx Rs 41,000 for 5 nights per person).

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சிபா பற்றி

Spinal Injured Persons Association (SIPA) is a Tamilnadu based registered self-help group working towards the upliftment of persons with spinal cord injury. At SIPA, we strive to create a peer network that has access to information regarding self care, medical advice, financial independence, sport and much more.