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Sports, competitively or for fun, is one of the best ways to integrate a spinal cord injured (SCI) person with the society. There are several examples of both quadriplegics and paraplegics who have excelled in several sports such as swimming, wheelchair marathon, wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair badminton etc. in India. Read more –


Art and music are other areas spinal cord injured persons pursue for a living or for fun. There a several excellent mouth painters who are very active in the society.


Adventure sports such as scuba diving, para-gliding, sea surfing, car racing etc. for SCIs are some of the sports that are upcoming in India.


About SIPA

Spinal Injured Persons Association (SIPA) is a Tamilnadu based registered self-help group working towards the upliftment of persons with spinal cord injury. At SIPA, we strive to create a peer network that has access to information regarding self care, medical advice, financial independence, sport and much more.