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Tamilnadu State Govt Schemes for Persons with Disabilities

1. State Disability Pension – The state is giving financial assistance to those people with disabilities who have multiple disabilities and come under severe disability. People with blindness are not eligible to avail this scheme.


2. Bus Concession – The state bus transport is providing facility of free travelling to the people having more than 100% of disability/sight loss as well as to the escort.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. 100% of disability/complete blindness

  2. Resident proof

  3. No income or age limit criteria for availing the bus pass

Documents required

  1. Disability certificate
  2. Resident proof
  3. Passport size photo

 Procedure for application

Applicant can apply to concerned District Welfare Office and they will issue the Bus pass.
3. Educational Scholarship – The state provides educational scholarship to the person with disabilities. There are three categories of scholarships as per the class which are given below:

  1. 1st to 5th std: Rs 500/- per anum
  2. 6th to 8th std: Rs 1500/- per anum
  3. 9th to 12th std: Rs 2000/- per anum
  4. Under graduate: Rs 3000/- per anum
  5. Post graduation and Professional courses : Rs 3500/- per anum

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Minimum 40%  of disability
  2. Resident of the state
  3. She/he should have scored atleast 40% marks in the annual examination
  4. There is exemption from family income limit

Documents required

  1. Disability certificate
  2. Mark sheet of previous examination
  3. Certificate from head of the institution
  4. Passport size photo
  5. Resident  proof

Procedure for application

An eligible student can apply to their respective institution/school. Then after verification, form will be sent t the department of social welfare.

Mode of payment

The scholarship amount wil be made annually and credited to the saving account of the applicant.

4. Unemployment allowance – The state is giving financial assistance to the educated unemployed people with disabilities. This scheme is applicable to all types of disabilities irrespective of their family income.

There are three categories of assistance:

a) Those who have completed secondary education/10th std: Amount is Rs 300/per month
b) Those who have completed higher secondary/12th :  Amount  is Rs 350/- per month
c)  Above graduation : Rs 450/- per month


Eligibility criteria

  1. Registered with special employment exchange  since last one year

  2. Above 40%  of disability

  3. Resident of the state

  4. Only unemployed people are eligible for the assistance

  5. There is exemption of age and income limit

Documents required

  1. Certificate from special employment exchange that declare your registration with the department
  2. Disability certificate
  3. Residence proof

Procedure for application

Applicant can approach to the District Disabled Welfare Officer or District Employment Officer in head quarter of the district. Form can be obtained from the department and can be submitted at the same place.


Mode of payment

Monthly payment will be credited to the saving account of the applicant.

5.  Incentive for marriage between disabled and non-disabled – This scheme is known as ‘marriage assistance to normal persons marrying visually Handicapped’.

There are two types of categories of assistance:

1.  If non-disabled married to a disabled, then amount is Rs 25,000/- one time assistance.They are also  giving a gold coin worth of 4 grams.
2.  If one of the partner has completed his/her graduate degree, then lump-sum amount is Rs 50,000/- and a gold coin worth of 4 grams.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. It should be registered marriage
  2. Above 40% of disability
  3. The age of boy and girl should be above 21years and 18 years respectively.
  4. They should be resident of the state
  5. They should not be indulge in any crime or punishment
  6. They should apply within 3 months post marriage date
  7. There is exemption of income limit

Documents required

  1. Disability certificate
  2. Marriage certificate
  3. Age proof
  4. Resident proof

Procedure for application

Applicant needs to approach District Disability Rehabilitation Centre/ District Disabled Welfare Officer at concerned district.


Mode of payment

Half of the lump sum amount is given in the form of demand draft and other half is given in the form of  national saving certificate.

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